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We are a company of professionals who take as much satisfaction from challenging access situations as we do meeting safety standards, and quality expertise. For our team of experts, nothing beats creating an inventive solution for a complex access problem.


We pride ourselves on using the best technology rope access has to offer and ensuring the whole team is on board, whether that means our experts, yours or a third party’s. Cleanse Middle East have the experience and the background to handle the jobs that leave most people scratching their heads. Whether it’s building maintenance at Height, inside building garbage chute, or a stack inspection for a non-accessible BMU/Cradle area, we find ways to access the hardest to reach places. We are a quicker, more cost-effective alternative for traditional methods like scaffolding, BMU, Cradle but we can also go places that these systems cannot. And most importantly, if it’s challenging, difficult and complex we won’t just go there, we’ll love going there.


We just a call away.


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Who We are

Cleanse Middle East is a Cleaning & Maintenance service provider company that aims at rendering the best services in GCC. We currently operating in United Arab Emirates more than 5 years; our skilled experts provide services in many companies. Our use of disinfectants, biodegradable products and keen on understanding the factors that has positive affect the environment. Our company adheres to laws and seeks health and safety for clients.

Our Mission

Leading the GCC market into an efficient, Market-driven, customer focused institution with best corporate structure, industry standard safety process and technologically advanced systems.

Our Clients

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